True Shine Studios is a complete facility for all styles of recording and mixing. Whether digital or analog, our fully-equipped large room provides the fullest, most detailed sound in Northeast Portland.

All styles of music--from Hip-Hop to full orchestra—have been recorded in this impressive room. We continue to book every style of music with artists from around the world.
To attain optimum sound quality requires quality equipment, knowledgeable workmanship, and attention to detail. True Shine Studios has a great compliment of microphones, outboard/plug-in processing, a superior Solid-State Logic Superanalogue channel [This unit offers a SSL mic-pre, EQ unit and compressor, based on the actual circuitry of the SSL 9000k - click here for more details.] and a knowledgeable staff of engineers/producers. With a large control room, production center, state of the art isolation booth, and mix center, True Shine Studios can accommodate just about everyone and definitely any genre of music, including large bands.

Recording can be fun and creative, just like writing songs, and so True Shine Studios’ primary commitment is to provide an environment that encapsulates the good vibes necessary to make classic recordings!
At True Shine Studios we love what we do and you will fit right in the True Shine Family if you are about good times and great music!
Mixing Services
"As a Mix Engineer, I like to find a sound for each album that works with the artists vision, then try to kick that up several notches with the use of compression, EQ and effects to make it competitive with what's being played in the music industry right now. I also try to keep or create dynamics that allow the song to build.

True Shine Studios can accommodate ALL digital mixing needs. Our engineers have mixed albums from other studios, old tapes, even from MP3’s online(although you should avoid mp3’s if you can as they are inferior sound quality).

Please be ready to provide us with the following info before we begin mixing:
-Total Song Count, -Total Length, -Bit depth and sample rates (16 or 24 bit/44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96khz), -tracks count, -file type(WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc), -make sure that all your files are consolidated. (This means that they are the same length and match one another).

True Shine Studios offers discounted rates for home recordists, engineers, and producers to mix their projects in our world-class mixing facility.
The least understood part of the recording chain is the mastering process. It is a process that is much easier to demonstrate then it is to describe, however, it is essential to the final presentation of the audio in question.
Mastering is “The art of finishing a recording by using the highest quality absolute dynamics and frequency control.” In laymen’s terms it the process of final leveling of volume and tonal issues throughout a recording via the use of Limiting/Compression, EQ, and noise removal.

When do you use mastering?

Mastering is the last processing to occur before reproduction/distribution. The needs of the mastering process depend upon issues rendered during the recording process and vary with the particularities of the mix. Issues include frequency problems, bass/treble or mid-range issues, elements that are mixed at low or high volumes, noise/hum/clicks in the recording, etc.

Mastering takes your final mixes and can do the following to it:
1. Normalize the volume: Mastering will set the final volume of all the songs so that they are at the same level. If this is not done, there could be drastic changes in volume between tracks. Most modern genres are mastered to boost the volume of the songs.
2. High End EQ: The mastering process performs overall EQ on the final mixes. With proper EQ techniques, your final master should sound more clear and translucent.
3. Order the songs: The songs will be placed into the proper order with fades/cross-fades where applicable.
4. Other: There are an abundance of effects that can be used to alter the final master; some will smoothen out the recording, some will broaden the track via stereo imaging techniques, some will add warmth and analogue qualities as desired. There are a multitude of options at this stage and it depends upon the needs of the client.
5. How to prepare: Make sure that the mixdown is sufficient to your ears. Be sure to preview it in different systems and obtain feedback from other people. While mastering can fix and enhance a range of different issues, there are errors in the recording/mixdown that might not be able to be addressed in the mastering phase, so PLEASE be certain of your mixes before mastering! Bring your track order, leave some headroom on every track and we look forward to providing you with excellent mastering services. Thanks!

The Results... Our goal is to master your music to the highest possible standard so that it stands out from the crowd and sounds the way you intended it to sound... Clean, Clear, Loud and Punchy.

The Price...
$30 for a Single Track or $350 for a full length album (up to 15 songs-$20 per additional song)
Album Production
For some Artists the use of a recording facility to lay down their ideas is not enough. If you are looking for a producer, a full set of studio musicians, and no clock-watching studio sessions this program is for you. We offer the following two packages:

a) The EP/Half-N-Album Project:
Most Musicians who are newly emerging on the scene and want to make an impact with their music need to possess a quality outstanding demonstration of their musical talents. If you are looking for a team of seasoned Professionals to help you produce, record, mix, and master your entire EP(up to 7 songs) then you have come to the right place. We will book the studio out for up to an entire 2 weeks(up to 8hours per day), depending upon the needs of the project, to ensure that you have an outstanding EP recording, finished and ready to take on the road. This package is guaranteed so you will not be left with anything less then a consumer ready EP!
Cost: $2995 for the entire project(includes production, recording, mixing, and mastering.

b) The Album Project:
If you are looking to record a full length record, production, recording, mixing, and mastering(up to 15 songs)without clock-watching, then this is the package for you. This package includes the upfront cost of leasing production, the cost of using our hired staff of professional session musicians, the cost of recording, mixing and mastering by our professional engineers. This is the full package and includes everything from conception to finished project of your entire album. The studio can be booked for up to 3 weeks for this package!

Cost: $4995
Leasing of Beats:
All original Productions of True Shine Entertainment are leasable for the following durations and rates:
Economy Deal: 1 beat for a 2 year non-exclusive lease. Cost: $295

The Serious Musician: 1 beat for a 5 year non-exlusive lease. Cost: $495

The Music Professional: 1 beat leased exclusively to the purchaser of the lease for an indefinite amount of time. (You never have to renew this lease). Cost: Independent Artist: $2500; Major Artist: Varies with budget. Negotiable starting at $5000.

You own exclusive rights, which means you can do as you please with the instrumental. True Shine Productions will release the song to you and the beat CANNOT be sold again. Once you have purchased the beat(s) you will receive a master CD (in the mail or in-person) containing the track(s) in a stereo wav format. They will be mixed down and ready to be recorded when you receive the CD. In addition you will receive a signed True Shine Productions contract granting you exclusive rights. Upon request, we can also send the beat broken into the separate individual instrument tracks, each in it's own wav file.

With leasing rights you can use the beat for only one profitable commercial recording or broadcast purpose, you will have non-exclusive rights to the beat. This is perfect if you're working on a low budget album. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by True Shine Productions and the beat remains available to other artists. Once you have purchased the beat you will receive a CD (in the mail or in-person) containing the full audio beat in stereo. In addition you will receive a signed True Shine Productions contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the beat.
Note: All classes have a 4 student limit, as we offer personalized attention to our students.
True Shine Producer/Songwriter/Engineer Orion Weissmann offers several level of training in audio engineering and production. Classes include:

Pro-Tools 101:
Learn everything you need to get started recording a song. You will learn how to record, basic mixing and bouncing. [This is a weekend course and requires two 3 hour days to pass]. Cost: $150 per person for the entire weekend

Hip-Hop Production 101:
This course is a lot of fun but requires a great deal of concentration as you will be learning how to use new equipment and involved recording techniques. This is a must-take for aspiring producers who would like an inside look at the production process. [This is a one day course and requires one 3 hour day to pass] Cost: $75 per person for the entire weekend.

Intermediate Recording:
This class will challenge most novice musicians and demonstrate more involved techniques of recording, mixing, microphone setup, and use of production equipment. We will be working with Pro-Tools 7.4 and Wavelab 5.0 to record, mix and enhance audio recordings. [This is a two day course and will require two 2 hour days to pass] Cost: $100 per person for the entire weekend.

Hip-Hop MC’ing 101:
This course will instruct students, ranging from experienced to novices, how to develop their unique rap style and deliver a memorable performance every time they step to the mic! We will work on techniques of writing, concept development, on and on off-stage delivery and studio skills. [This is a two day course and will require one 4 hour day to pass]
Cost: $100 per person for the full session.

Introduction to mastering:
We will be exploring the mastering process, both theoretically and practically. After going over the basic principles and objectives of mastering, we will get a little bit of hands-on experience and try to master several tracks using very sophisticated plug-ins.
Media Transfer
Fantasy Media Transfer offers transfer from all formats to the digital realm via Pro Tools. Tape formats supported:
• Noise reduction systems: (24) Dolby A361, (24) Dolby SR, (24) DBX
• Cassette
• ADAT: 24 channels of ADAT XT
• VHS professional
• There is also a high quality turntable available for transfer from vinyl
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We Offer...
Video & Film Production
We can produce your video project using the new standard, widescreen Hi-Definition 1080i video. We offer a complete set of HD, video and film production services. We provide all film, video, grip, lighting and production-related equipment and supplies, as well as the hiring and managing of crew for a project. We can provide both on-location and in-studio production services.
Beat Center